The History of Fairview Home

Established May 1888; Incorporated July 16, 1888


Exterior View Of Fairview Home

-Location-The property stood on the West Side of the Boght Road, the two brick and frame main structures of the home were located on the Boght Road, North of the Behr-Manning Corp. just outside the City of Watervliet limits.

Interior View Of The Sitting Room Of Fairview Home

Interior View Of The Sitting Room Of Fairview Home

-Objects- To Receive and retain any child committed by a court or magistrate for violation, by parent or guardian, of any law of the State relating to or affecting children, and to provide a home for their support and instruction, and also to receive other friendless and destitute children under the age of 16 years.  -State Board Of Charities-Albany County-


Remnants Of A Fire that Destroyed One Fairview Building

In 1956, Fairview Home Is Acquired/Combined with the Troy Orphan Asylum known as Vanderheyden Hall as recommended by the Child Welfare League Of America Feb. 1956 Report, Fairview Closes That Year.


Picture of Peter, Donald and Russell of Fairview Home working in their garden patches at Vanderheyden Hall with Donald, Fred, and Billy of Vanderheyden.

The property was purchased and the Buildings Were Demolished by Behr-Manning in 1957, remaining as private property.