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  • Where are you from?
  • How did you hear of this site?
  • Are you related to a former staff member or orphan from Fairview Home?  If so, who?
  • Do you have anything that should be added to this site?


  1. Karen

    I am the daughter and niece of 3 residents of the Fairview Home. I found this page on the Watervliet Memories FB page. Great information! Keep up the good work.

  2. Melissa Jones

    I’m the daughter of Fairview resident who lived there as a small baby boy from 1945-1947 with name Carr or Carter we believe.

    This is an excellent website. If anyone has advice for obtaining information for the years 1945-1947 (I understand the records are missing), I would appreciate it.

  3. Pat

    How did you find this Web Site? Strictly by accident
    Where are you from? Stephentown, New York

    I thank you very much for all your efforts and wish you much success in expanding on this. My father is now deceased, but he grew up in Fairview Home. He did not have pleasant memories of it and never told us the name. He told of the unfair treatment and brutal experiences with tears in his eyes. His mother died in a flu epidemic when he was 5 along with other siblings and his father could not provide for the younger children. The older siblings were able to work or fend for themselves so they never had to endure what my father and others did. Ernest was the youngest of the Bradt children to be placed in the Fairview Home age 8, Rose age 11 and Stanton age 15 in 1930 Census. The younger children: Bessie, Ruth & Alfred were taken in by others and did not endure the Fairview Home. How sad this must have been…!

  4. Carol

    My mom was raised in Fairview – she always hated the name. She said she was not friendless, just parentless. Her experience was not a good one. Hard life, treated poorly by some of the staff, so sad. She lived with other people at times, sort of fostered out – but was abused many times. The name The Wallaces is one I remember – Mr. WAllace beat her, Mrs. Wallace hit her with a hoe once in th head. But this is a part of my family history and it is important to know where my family came from and what their lives were like. Would like to hear other’s stories of growing up in the Home during those days. The truth is so important even now.

    • Carol returning

      Got your email today with the updated site address and your updates. I would very much want to buy a copy of your book when it is published. I would also be very interested in the reunion idea, as I am a daughter of a mother who was an orphan there and in order to really get a feel for my roots and share what others know and have heard from their parents, I would very seriously consider coming to a reunion.
      Thank you

  5. Mildred Brandt

    How did you find this Web Site? Google search
    Where are you from? Burnt Hills, N.Y.

    I was delighted to finally find something on Fairview, where my Dad spent time as a child. He never spoke of that period, but Mom often pointed out the home as we drove past. Now that I am researching those years, I am pleased to find the site. Fine job, thanks for your work and dedication! Millie

  6. Linda

    Where are you from? Renton, WA

    I enjoyed looking through your site. This is important work you are doing. I would like to encourage you in your endeavor. Thank you.

  7. Laurel and Michael Wright Rollins

    How did you find this Web Site? roots web
    Where are you from? Idaho

    Thanks for such a helpful site.

  8. Glenn

    Where are you from? Massachusetts

    I tried to find these records years ago without any luck. Thanks for both the site and your assistance. Nice work.

  9. Lydia Williams Desnoyers

    How did you find this Web Site? NY Albany genealogy
    Where are you from? Upstate NY

    What a wonderful site.

  10. Gina Cross

    Where are you from? Massena, New York

    Great job!!!!! I enjoyed looking through it…. I wish you continued success in finding all the records!!! Gina

  11. AGloriousFires123 (Cathy)

    How did you find this Web Site? MSN genealogu chat room
    Where are you from? From indiana and reside in Alabama

    Did a very good job!!!!! Keep it up!!!!

  12. Judith

    How did you find this Web Site? Orphanages-Web

    Wishing you luck in your search for more information, particularly the early records. The censuses tell a very sad story, making you
    wonder how all those children ended up there.

    Many thanks.

  13. Donna

    How did you find this Web Site? Yahoo’s Genealogy Chat Room
    Where are you from? Texas

    Very nice site. It is easy to see the work you have put into it. Hopefully, it will be useful to a few people who are looking for their roots.

  14. Ruger

    How did you find this Web Site?
    Where are you from? California

    Do you have any comments? Enjoyed all the hard work you went to.

  15. Catherine

    How did you find this Web Site? Friend
    Where are you from? United States

    This is a very heart warming site. Hopefully it will unite long lost families, after many years of seperation, and desperate searching.

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