The Records from Fairview

Where Are The Records For Fairview Home? Well they have been found somewhat….

Currently The Earlier Records Are Unaccounted For, Vanderheyden Hall (Troy Orphan Asylum) Has Records From The Year 1956 from the Home when it was acquired. Up until the Home was acquired, the Records are nowhere to be found. Perhaps the cards were typed up and the Records were destroyed? The home’s records may have been destroyed while in storage; i.e. water damage/thrown out it is unclear.

However, there are Index Record Cards; do exist at Fairview and a search can be conducted through Vanderheyden Hall.


A sample Fairview Home Record Card, from Vanderheyden Hall’s Fairview Home Record Cards (John Peppin)

I recommend enclosing a small donation as well as a prepaid envelope for your search request. Or you may make your request in writing to:

Attn: Executive Directors Office; Subject: Fairview Home Record Cards

Vanderheyden Hall
P.O. Box 219
Wynantskill, N.Y. 12198

*To Obtain Further Information On Fairview Home Adoption Records Acquired By Vandherheyden in 1956  as well as a Search of the Index Cards*
Please Contact The Executive Directors Office
Under Agency Administration  at (518) 283-6500

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