1900 State Board Of Charities Report On Fairview Home

Inspected By Inspector Lechtrecker; September 13, 1900.
Objects.-To receive and retain any child committed by a court or magistrate for violation, by parent or guardian, of any law of the State relating to or affecting children, and to provide a home for their support and instruction, and also to receive other friendless and destitute children under the age of 16 years.
Governing Body-Directors
President.-Charles R. Knowles, 38 and 40 State Street, Albany,
Secretary.-Fayette B. Durant, Watervliet,
Treasurer.-Miss M.C. Jermain, Troy Road, Albany,
Matron.-Miss Frances O. Quillen.
Value Of property, $171,893.51
Number of children cared for during the year, 159 (of whom 104 were supported by public funds and 55 by private funds); remaining October 1, 1900, 101 (59 boys and 42 girls).
Receipts for the year ending September 30, 190,
including balance on hand October 1, 1900, $2,651.63.
Terms and qualifications for admittance.-Children over 4 and under 16 years of age are recieved.
Application to be made to the matron or a member of the executive committee.
-Page 186;Directory Of Charities.-Albany County.-State Board Of Charities.-